Solar Hot Water

Solar water heating systems can generate between 50-70% of your hot water. Solar water heating panels are placed on a South facing roof or mounted on frames placed on a flat roof or on the ground. These panels are then angled between 20-50 degrees to maximise the exposure to the Sun’s rays which are used to heat water stored in a tank.

By installing a solar water heating system, not only would you be reducing your carbon footprint, you can also make savings on your energy costs. The saving generated will vary depending on the size of the property, the size of the solar water heating installation and the amount of sunlight in your area but some householders have been known to reduce their annual energy bills by anything between 30-70%. A solar water heating system will also provide you with hot water throughout the year and can be backed up by a boiler or immersion heater in the colder months when there is not as much sunlight.

Are solar panels suitable for my property?
Most conventional and hot water heating systems are compatible with solar thermal hot water but if you have a combi boiler without a storage tank then your current system may not be compatible.

Does My Roof Have To Face South?
South facing is the perfect aspect for solar thermal; however an east/west array is available for roofs that do not face south and can collect solar energy throughout the day.

Do I need Planning Permission?
Although you probably don't need Planning Permission for a solar thermal installation, it is advisable to check with your local planning officer, especially if your home is listed or in a conservation area.

How long will a solar thermal take to install?
On average the installation is normally completed within two days.

What is the difference between solar thermal and solar PV?
Solar thermal uses energy from the sun to heat hot water, while solar PV, or solar photovoltaic, uses daylight to generate electricity. Solar thermal will generate heat during daylight hours, even when it is not sunny, while solar PV needs light to generate electricity.

What maintenance is required for my solar thermal system?
Solar thermal systems require very little maintenance. The concentration of antifreeze in the system needs to be checked annually to ensure correct concentration. This can be done at the same time as your annual boiler service.

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